Sunday, March 05, 2006

Planning a Fund Raiser

This whole head shaving thing is starting to obsess us. We've been talking to people and here's what we are thinking. This would be set up as a fund raiser for a local breast cancer group, probably the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition.

At our local bar.

A mid-day party, on a Sunday for maybe 4 hours, with a DJ with sound equipment so that the "events" can be announced. We know 2 DJs and likely can talk at least one of them into donating his time.

A chili "cook-off." We've done these for fund raisers at this bar before. Different folks make their own chili recipe, and people pay $X to taste test a small amount of each one and then "vote" for their favorite by getting a full bowl of it. We've got maybe 6 people set up to make chili so far.

A head shaving "auction." Recruit different people to get their heads shaved if their "price" is met. We would set up containers to take donations for each person, so that a single person wouldn't have to pay the full price. Kind of like those "best legs" contests you may have seen. Venita would get shaved first--without any donations required of course--but as the day went on, the others would fall like dominos as their "price" was met. We already have 2 men who have volunteered to be shaved (even without donations) but we hope to get others involved. The bar manager says she will get her daughter, who is a beautician, to donate her time for the shaving.

Of course the standard "50/50." Buy a ticket for $X for the chance to get 1/2 the pot. The rest goes to the charity.

Anyone want to help us design the flyer for this?

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Cheri said...

This sounds like a great event! I love the idea and hope you get more recruits. Wish it wasn't clear across the country, I'd come in a heartbeat. I think we need a webcam on this so we can all watch it live!