Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Today is Better

Venita had 2 Xanax yesterday afternoon and evening and got about 5 hours of sleep. She got her hair cut really, really short, to ease into the bald look, and found 6 cases of Fancy Feast in our “flavors” so she won’t have to go to the pet food store for at least 3 weeks.

Venita put in a call last night to a daughter of a friend. The daughter, Libby, is a case manager nurse in the joint unit of the hospital where Venita will have her mast/reconstruction. Libby previously had offered to help anyway she could. Today Libby had Mary Ann call Venita. MA is the nurse supervisor of the hospital’s surgical intake/pre-op/recovery areas. MA answered all sorts of questions about the process and promised to keep a special watch out for Jim and Venita. MA said that depending on the nature and type of case load, she might be able to get Jim into pre-op and recovery to sit with Venita. MA promised that Venita would be able to have her eyeglasses in pre-op and recovery.

Venita won’t be put into a hospital room on a floor with the “general” patient population. She will be in a surgical observation area with 4 beds: more sterile environment and a richer nurse/patient ratio. Venita will be getting visits from both surgeons the next day so they can talk with her about the procedures, do exams, and evaluate her ability to go home.

Venita was told she could bring her own jammies and toiletries, but anything she might not bring and needs would be provided. (We don’t think that includes beer.) If she cares for it, Venita will get a head set so she can listen to “relaxation” music. She was instructed about the types of clothes to bring to go home in.

Venita was told when and in what format she will be getting pre-op and post-op care instructions.

That conversation and another Xanax this afternoon have made Venita feel less panicked.

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cindy said...

Hi Venita - I am catching up on your blog. There should be a verb for that - blog-hopping? No, that would be going from blog to blog. Hmm..

Well. I first want to ask you, as I did on the phone the other night - Why do we care what Joe Public thinks? We don't. If you want to shave your head, or cry, that is fine. If anyone makes you uncomfortable, imagine them in embarrassing underwear, like boxers covered in hearts. This is what I instruct my cello students to do during competitions or auditions.

Where did the expression"break down and cry" come from anyway? Those who can't cry are the ones who are broken. HEAR THAT, JOE PUBLIC!!!!

Right now, everyone should be taking care of you. You be however you need to be to get through this.

Xanax, huh? I'm glad such drugs exist. Plus, it helps to know all the details of what is going to happen, and it sounds like you are surrounded by good people.

I sure will be nervous for you, anyway. You will get through this...